Asphalt Restoration

Restore existing asphalt substrates including Smooth BUR and Modified Bitumen

  • Reduce the amount of cracking and deterioration
  • Adaptable to nearly every type of asphalt membrane
  • High-tech stain blocking base coat keeps coating from being yellowed by oils in asphalt
  • Multiple chemistries for “tough” applications
  • Systems may be applied to new and aged asphalt or modified bitumen to provide immediate protection from weather, UV degradation and chemical deterioration
  • Lower the roof temperature, extend the roof life

When aged asphalt roof is exposed to solar radiation and moisture, it leaches out oils and plasticizers that can lead to failure and eventually a costly roof replacement.

Before & After Photos

asphalt before after 1

asphalt before after 2

asphalt before after 3


asphalt process

1. Prepare. Repair and replace any deteriorated areas with like materials to make watertight. Use 2100 MS Adhesive Sealant to seal all seams, flashings, penetrations, etc.

2. Power wash entire roof at recommended p.s.i.

3. Apply Acrylic Asphalt Primer at recommended rate to maintain its energy saving reflective and avoid the yellowing that is seen on other comparable products. Backroll any vertical surfaces (parapets, walls, etc.).

4. Preserve. As the final layer of protection, apply 2 coats of Polyurethane 300 Aliphatic Finish Coat or Acrylic 1000 Plus/ Acrylic SW. OR 1 coat of OneStep Plus after patching. It provides a weather resistant, seamless sacrificial barrier that will significantly reduce the harmful effects and damage caused by UV rays.


  • Reduce energy costs
  • Slow the aging process
  • Decrease future maintenance cost
  • Change the life cycle of the roof